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October 20, 2021
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Are you looking for Chase Routing Number? Well, your search is over because you are on the right web page. On this page you will get the routing number for Chase Bank. You need your banking institution’s routing numbers because you’ll need it to sign up for a direct deposit, payment for your payroll, and for a wire transfer. If you’re already a Chase Bank customer or if you want to transfer the funds into an account at the Chase Bank, please have a look at the below table for a list of all the Chase routing numbers:

What Is a Routing Number?

The routing number which is sometimes referred to by American Bankers Association as ABA number, consists of nine digits that tells financial institutions about the destination where transactions needs to be processed. For example, when you deposit a check at the ATM, the routing number helps the bank determine where your bill was originated.

Most banks have one routing number. However, since Chase Bank is a multi-national corporation, it has 24 different routing numbers throughout the United States. If you’re already a Chase customer, the routing number you’ll have is based on the branch location you first opened your account at.

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Chase Bank Routing Numbers by State

State Chase Routing/Transit Number - In alphabetical order

  • Arizona: 122100024
  • California: 322271627
  • Colorado: 102001017
  • Connecticut: 021100361
  • Florida: 267084131
  • Georgia: 061092387
  • Idaho: 123271978
  • Illinois: 071000013
  • Indiana: 074000010
  • Kentucky: 083000137
  • Louisiana: 065400137
  • Michigan: 072000326
  • Nevada: 322271627
  • New Jersey: 021202337
  • Downstate: 021000021
  • New York — Upstate: 022300173
  • Ohio: 044000037
  • Oklahoma: 103000648
  • Oregon: 325070760
  • Texas: 111000614
  • Utah: 124001545
  • Washington: 325070760
  • West Virginia: 051900366
  • Wisconsin: 075000019

Understanding Your Chase Routing Number

The first Four digits represent Federal Reserve Bank identifiers. The numbers following them in the sequence is your bank's identifier. These numbers are assigned just like your bank account number. The last digit of the routing number represents the “check” digit generated using bank's proprietary algorithm. This confirms the bank that the routing number is authentic and valid. It also serves as a fraud check and helps in eliminating the processing errors.

How To Find Your Chase Routing Number

There are many ways to locate the Chase routing code. If you can remember the state where you first opened your account, please refer to above list. If not, do not worry, here are some more ways.

If you have a Chase bank account with a checking balance, you can always find your routing number on your check — the first nine digits located at the lower-left corner of your check represent the routing number of your bank's branch. If you do not have a check for whatever reason, you can call Chase customer service at 800-935-935 and they will gladly help you with your routing number. If you’re not sure that the routing number you are looking at is the correct one, you should contact Chase. Using an invalid or someone else's routing number could result in your funds being delayed or even deposited to the wrong account.

What Is the Routing Number for International Wire Transfers?

For the international wire transfer, you’ll require the SWIFT code as well as the routing number. A SWIFT code — sometimes also called a SWIFT number — is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It's used to identify banks and financial institutions internationally. If someone is sending you a wire transfer from a different country, they will need the SWIFT code for your bank. You can call your bank and ask them the SWIFT code or you can just find it online. You will find the SWIFT code on the official website of the Chase and you can also find it on online banking portal.

Please note that if you are sending or receiving the international wire transfer, you will need other details in addition to the SWIFT number. You will be asked to give specific details to your bank about the transaction when someone wants to transfer money from a different country. These requirements are in place to comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. The details required includes the account number, your name, nature and purpose of the transaction, source and use of funds.

If you are making a request for an international wire transfer, you will need to know recipient's bank’s routing number and address, recipient's account number, name and address, as well as the details about the transaction. Similarly, if you are receiving a wire within the United States from abroad, the sender will need to provide these details too. Bank may require more information depending on their AML and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.

Below is the list of Chase Bank’s wire transfer numbers:

Chase Bank Wiring Numbers

  • Domestic Wire Transfer 021000021
  • International Wire Transfer 021000021

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